The North

Arriving in northern England as a foreigner, I was immediately captivated by the amazing landscapes of the upland areas of the region. I was later drawn into the valleys toward the built environment. My predisposed ideas of the English countryside, where expansive country estates steeped in history, wealth and order dotted the landscape were subverted. In order to honestly photograph northern England, I had to observe the built environment as a reflection of the society. I was interested in showing the built environment within the context of day-to-day imperfections and vestiges of the past. I believe photos of the region’s houses, shops, street furniture, dining venues, places of work and crumbling mills symbolise the population’s effort to reconcile between past economic prosperity and contemporary influences. In my photos, I hope to accurately portray some of the idiosyncrasies within the society of northern England, and challenge outsiders homogeneous image of England.